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Cold Sore Vs. a Canker Sore: What’s the Difference?

You might have heard people getting cold sores, and some getting canker sores. You might speak to your Eugene dentist about this, but you might not know the difference if you have one or the other. Well, you should know the difference, since it’s important to your overall oral health to know. This article will give you a definitive answer on the difference, and just what each one of them means for your oral health.
Now the main difference is how they work. One of them is contagious, the other incredibly annoying. Canker sores are ulcerated cankers inside the mouth. They are the less serious of the two, and while they are annoying and painful, you don’t have to worry about them. However, a cold sore is like a pimple outside of where your mouth is. These are much more serious and require treatment. They are also way more contagious. They typically are not serious, but if you have a decreased immune system, such as in the cause of AIDS, this can be highly contagious.
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