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Gingivitis: Signs and Symptoms

The oral cavity and its counterparts are really important to be protected. This oral cavity is responsible for the diseases that can happen to you. There are bacteria in the oral cavity good and bad. If the bad bacteria enter the digestive tract, eventually it enters the blood and can be a cause of big diseases. The oral cavity is the amalgamation of teeth, tongue and gums. If one organ has pain or infection, that can seize the whole function on the body.

Protection is very important: Everyone talks about teeth in the oral cavity and thinks that this is the major thing one has. The other important part of the oral cavity is mostly getting ignored and that is gum. The disease with the name of gingivitis is mostly unknown to the people.
Do you want to know what gingivitis is? You must know that this is the disease/ infection related to the gums. There are no identified symptoms or reasons of gingivitis. The gingivitis is mostly caused by the plaque and dirt that spreads around the teeth. P…

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